About Us

officepicACE  Elec-tech Center Inc.


We are very specialized and technical oriented company, manufacturer, importer/ sole distributor of electronic and electrical products. We have technical tie-ups with foreign groups; with strong research and development facilities. We always produce latest technology and good quality products especially suitable for the Philippine Market.

Our main product lines are as follows:

1. Renewable Energy Products – Solar Panel, Wind Turbine. We offer technical solutions and accept special projects.
2. Solar Products – Solar panel, Solar controller, Solar battery, Solar USB cellular charger, Solar LED bulb, Solar fan, Solar C.TV, Solar refrigerator, Solar aircon, Solar street light, Solar water pump, 18 Solar packages for residential use. *Sole distributor of: “ACE” “Mono” “ERA”
3. Solar CPU Inverter – Sinewave inverter (Same as Meralco), Portable inverter w/ Smart protection.
4. Hybrid Solar Inverter – Daytime supplied by Solar Panel. Night time supplied by Meralco electricity.
5. CCTV / SURVELLANCE CAMERA system – Dome and Bullet, DVR, Hard disk, IP camera with 20 packages for multi-purpose use. *Sole Distributor of: “GLOFINE”.
6. Communication Products – PABX, Telephone and Accessories. *Sole distributor of: “SHENOU”.
7. Power Products – Automatic voltage regulator, AVR servo motor, Sinewave Inverter, UPS, Automatic Battery Charger, LED emergency light. *Sole Distributor of: “HI-TECH” “IZUKI” “ACE” “SAKO”.
8. AC LED Bulbs – LED bulbs, LED fluorescents, LED floodlight, etc.